About Us

Super Signs, Inc. has been producing window clings made of static cling vinyl for 25 years. We have our own 14,000 sq ft building devoted to the manufacturing of static cling vinyl holiday window decorations and static cling window signs and letters kits. Advertising products on your windows with our changeable vinyl window sign kits is quick and easy. Just peel the static vinyl off the paper backing and place on your window, mirror or glass door in minutes without tape, glue or mess.

Let these professional vinyl window signs and letters brighten your store. Each vinyl window cling sign is quick and easy to use. Static cling vinyl window signs and letter decals stay tightly on the window, are very easily removed and reusable year after year. Static vinyl cling sign and letters never lose their holding power.

Create new and exciting signs on your windows with easy to use and completely reusable vinyl window cling letters. Sign and letter window clings are inexpensive, easy to use, and easy to clean; keeps that new look and last for years and years. Vinyl cling window letters and signs are easily stored in a very small space.

Make hundreds of vinyl window cling signs for the price of one. Make any vinyl window cling sign in seconds.

Vinyl window cling signs and letters are printed with the highest quality printing inks with exceptional intensity and durability for long lasting brightness. Let these professional signs and letters turn your windows into your best sales advertising. Keep your windows “selling” with fresh new signs that stand out from the ordinary stock signs. All letter and sign window clings come with a one year money back guarantee.

Signs and letters window clings come organized for easy use of all 185 letters, numbers and symbols with their own handsome organized case. Letter sign kits are available in red/yellow fluorescent or royal blue/white. Signs and letters window clings come in 3″, 5″ and 8″ sizes. Signs and letters window decals never lose their static cling and can not wear out.

Instructions: Vinyl window sign and letter clings are easy to use. Just lift static vinyl cling letters off the paper backing and press vinyl decals on windows, mirrors and glass doors. To remove just lift vinyl clings off the window and replace on the original paper backing for easy storage. Static clings leave no adhesive or marks on the glass.

Holiday window clings are also available for Christmas, Nativity, Valentine, Easter, Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Patriotic.

Order here on-line at www.superclings.com. Only $5.00 Shipping ANY Quantity. Your order form is completely encrypted with security software by Starfield Security.